Meet Ann...
Meet Photographer Ann Whitted
Photographer & Artist
Photographing America's wild places and creating art that inspires is what motivates me to get up and out in the morning. My background in interior design and love for nature is what has led me to photography and all things creative! I value the opportunity that I've had to travel throughout the United States and experience so much of this country's natural beauty. When I'm not traveling, I can be found on California's Central Coast.
Thank you for sharing my creative journey!
I'm so excited to be a part of Nature First
     Traveling and photographing outdoors over the last twenty years (yikes) has been a huge opportunity for me. I suffer from chronic migraine and I find photography to be some much needed motivation to get my ass up and outside. Not to mention it's free therapy!
     California's Central Coast is home. From Santa Cruz to Big Sur it's always a magical place to explore. The advent of social media and everyone being so connected has brought significant changes to our natural environments. Not all of which is positive. Even tourist destinations are being affected. Some local spots here have taken a beating, largely due to "getting the shot" verses being mindful of where you have traveled. 
     As much as I love photography and want to see all the iconic places too, I have gotten more out of my experiences by learning about the areas I visit. I would argue it has made me a better artist (and human).  
While I have always been into the idea of leave only footsteps and take only memories, it's also important to note that the natural world is altered by my presence.
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