Order Information
 How do I Place an Order?
To place an order please contact me with the name of the piece(s) you are interested in along with your contact information

     Is Covid-19 impacting shipping?
Please allow an additional 5-7 business days for your order to arrive. Print labs are often working with partial crews and shipping has been slowed in some instances. 
Thank you for your patience.

     Standard Shipping & Lead Times?
All orders are professionally printed and shipped to ensure quality.  Print and wall art processing times vary in the lab, but can take up to a week.  
As soon as your order is completed, it will be picked up by the preferred shipping carrier.  You should receive your order in seven to ten business days (usually sooner), depending on the carrier.
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Other Common Questions
What's the Deal with Photoshop?
The question comes up all the time if I Photoshop my images?  The simple answer is yes.  All images have been touched by Photoshop or a similar program.  I capture my images in a RAW format which means they need to be digitally processed.
Some images are presented as what I saw and captured at that moment in time.  While other photographs are created to be more in tune with my artistic vision.  Image processing is always evolving and a powerful tool and an art form in and of itself.  It is a fun way to connect my images alongside my imagination to the places I have visited and felt a connection with.
If you are curious and have any questions as to which is which, please ask.​​​​​​​
How do Custom Orders Work?
All orders are meant to meet your specifications.  All images are available for custom prints and wall art.  Just let me know what image(s) you are interested in as well as the size and specific media you have in mind.  From there I can set you up with a quote as the cost varies by order.
Custom options typically include a specific size, paper finish/media choice, photo mounting option, or rush order.  Any of these options are available as a custom order so pick one, or mix and match, the choice is yours.
Discounts are available for bulk orders.